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  1. How and when can students apply to STEP? (click to view answer)

    [Applications for STEP 2015 will be accepted beginning May 1, 2014. Students are strongly encouraged to apply to STEP early since enrollment is limited (applications are on a first come, first serve basis). Students must complete and submit a STEP application on line. An incomplete application and/or an application submitted after the deadline will jeopardize STEP enrollment. Students experiencing any technological difficulties with the on line application process can contact Adam Crolene at 805. 893-2558]

  2. When is the deadline to apply to STEP? (click to view answer)

    [July 1, 2014. Applications submitted after the deadline will jeopardize STEP enrollment.]

  3. Who is eligible to attend STEP? (click to view answer)

    [Any fall 2015 admitted frosh is eligible to apply to STEP. EOP frosh admitted for fall 2015 who are a first generation college student to attend college and/or from a family criterion based income is eligible for priority enrollment]

  4. What are the payment options to attend STEP? (click to view answer)

    [A student’s STEP fees can be paid either in full or charged on a student’s UCSB Billing Account Receivable Collections (BARC) in 3 installments over 3 academic quarters (3 academic quarters = 1 academic year). A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 will be applied to the total STEP fees.]

  5. Can I apply for financial aid to cover the cost of attending STEP? (click to view answer)

    [Students who applied for financial aid for the academic year do not need to request additional resources to cover the costs associated with attending STEP. Students who attend STEP will automatically have their Financial Aid awards increased to cover the cost of STEP. Students who pay their STEP fee in full at the time of arrival will not have their Financial Aid increased to cover the additional cost of STEP unless they contact the financial aid office directly. Students who choose to use financial aid to cover their STEP costs will have their BARC accounts billed in three quarterly installments (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters). The cost of attending STEP is determined by using a Sliding Fee Scale based on household size, family income, and the highest level of parental education.]

  6. Are scholarships available? (click to view answer)

    [If scholarships are available: Only students with extenuating financial circumstances or demonstrate severe financial need/hardship that is verified by the Financial Aid Office on campus, can be considered for a scholarship. A student submitting financial documentation for a scholarship is subject to a careful examination that includes verification from the Financial Aid Office at UCSB. A scholarship award can only be used to pay any or all STEP cost.]

  7. Do students get unit credit for completing STEP? (click to view answer)

    No. The courses which students complete during STEP will provide an opportunity to prepare students for and provide students with the classroom experience of the demands of college course work at the University.

  8. Can students register for classes during STEP? (click to view answer)

    [Yes. Students will be given an opportunity to register for their fall classes, make changes to their class schedule and engage in academic advising to plan out their class schedules.]

  9. Do students have the option to attend STEP for part of the STEP program? (click to view answer)

    [No. STEP participants are expected to complete STEP while residing in an on- campus resident hall, attend all required classes, mandated workshops and scheduled events. It is in the best interest that a student makes a commitment to complete STEP to understand the effectiveness and benefits of STEP.]

  10. Should students bring their cars to campus? (click to view answer)

    [No. Vehicles may not be driven by students at any time while students attend STEP: There are no exceptions to this. A student who has no other means of transportation to campus to attend STEP needs to contact Adam Crolene 805. 893-2558 to make advanced arrangements for parking on campus. There is a $56.00 fee (subject to change) that is charged for parking during STEP and students are responsible for paying this charge. STEP is not liable for any parking tickets/violations, damage and/or theft to a student’s vehicle while the vehicle is on campus during the STEP program.]

  11. Can students bring their laptops to STEP? (click to view answer)

    [Yes. There will also be computer labs available during the program for students to access at specific times. If a student decides to bring a laptop computer to STEP then STEP is not liable for any damages, loss or theft during the STEP program and this includes other electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones, PDA’s, iPads, etc.]

  12. Can I arrive a day early before STEP begins? (click to view answer)

    [No. Hotel accommodations are available off campus. A student can visit the Admissions website for local lodging listings. Students are discouraged to make arrangements with on campus housing because of the nightly expense that a student is responsible for paying and limited availability. A student who exhaust all options to secure housing accommodations for early arrival and requires an early arrival prior to STEP needs to make advanced arrangements by contacting Adam Crolene 805. 893-2558. Accommodations are for a student only: family members can not be accommodated.]

  13. What is Summer Orientation and should I attend? (click to view answer)

    [Freshman Orientation is a two-day visit to UCSB where students have an opportunity to:

    • Receive extensive academic advising and register early for fall classes
    • Learn about the academic environment and undergraduate research
    • Meet other new students and make friends
    • Experience residence hall living
    • Explore ways to get involved in campus activities
    • Meet UCSB faculty, staff, and administrators
    • Discuss important first year college issues
    • Learn about campus life from current UCSB students
    • Get all of your questions answered about coming to campus
    • Learn your way around UCSB

    There are fee reductions available for qualified students to cover the two days of attendance. Visit the website for more information: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/orientation/FreshmanOrientation/ReserveYourSpaceinanOrientationSession.aspx and look for “Fee Reductions”]

  14. What is the Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP)? (click to view answer)

    [Mission Statement: The Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) is a six-week long summer program designed to allow UCSB freshmen the opportunity to get an early start on their academic careers in an intellectually stimulating and socially supportive environment. The program aims to help students make a successful academic transition from high school to the University and seeks to improve first-year retention rates and decrease student time to degree. For more information: E-mail fssp@summersessions.ucsb.edu or call 805. 893-2377 FAX: 805. 893-7207]

  15. What is the difference between STEP and FSSP? (click to view answer)

    STEP is a 1 week non-unit bearing program. FSSP is a 6 week program: Students enroll for 8-13 credited course units.

  16. Can students attend STEP and FSSP? (click to view answer)

    [No. Because STEP & FSSP program dates conflict with each other, the STEP program does not allow students to participate in FSSP while attending STEP.]

  17. Which program should I attend STEP or FSSP? (click to view answer)

    [A student’s decision is strictly a personal one based on what a student wants to accomplish. Both programs provide unique opportunities and engage the participant at multiple levels within the University environment and a student’s experience. STEP and FSSP are unique programs. Students are encouraged to think about what are their personal/academic goals at the University.]

  18. For additional questions not answered here what should I do? (click to view answer)

    [Please call: 805. 893-2558 during normal working hours Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 5 PM. Or, E-mail eop-step@sa.ucsb.edu