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We're Open - Virtually! 

In light of the recent COVID-19 updates and UCSB's remote status, EOP is following university guidelines. Our goal is to support you in this transition, to ensure that we can continue to help and provide you with advising and assistance. 

Our services are now available online:

  • Counseling: Schedule a virtual counseling appointment with an EOP counselor by clicking here or by calling our office at  (805) 893-4758 - leave a message and we'll call you back shortly.

  • Event Updates: Our events will also be going virtual! Click here to view our calendar, where you are able to access upcoming events through their Zoom links.

  • Campus Resources: For updated information on campus resources during this time, please review this powerpoint or this website. For general information on COVID-19, please see UC Santa Barbara's Covid-19 information page.

  • AS/EOP Grant: If you are interested in applying for the AS/EOP Grant email us at  For students facing a financial crisis or urgent financial need, we encourage you to contact the Financial Crisis Response Team, the Basic Needs at UCSB Team and UCSB's Rapid Rehousing Program

Having a great quarter? Or maybe a not-so-great one? Love your major and can't wait to take advantage of internship opportunities? Or maybe you have no idea what you want to do and are undeclared or between majors? Miss home? Have roommate issues? Whether you need help working through an issue, navigating resources, or looking to expand upon your current success, EOP counselors are here to assist you.

EOP Counselors practice a holistic counseling approach that takes into account a range of factors that contribute to student success. In partnership and collaboration with other departments, counselors work with students individually and through group settings to address broader student issues.

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