Educational Opportunity Program


EOP alumni play an important role in the efforts of continuing to serve new generations of students. We would love to hear from you and get connected! We strive to keep in touch and hear about the successes of our alumni. Please write to us with comments, questions, and suggestions at

It takes a community working together to make a difference, we strive to:

  • Learn more about what EOP alumni are doing

  • Update you on EOP services and accomplishments

  • Provide you with the opportunity to contribute to EOP's continued growth

  • Extend your (and our) connections to the EOP family

  • Contribute to a program that was instrumental in helping many of you achieve your educational and professional goals.

We extend our sincere and deepest appreciation to those of you who have continued to support EOP financially throughout the years. We are very aware of the pledges you make to this program through UCSB’s annual fundraising efforts.Your support has been instrumental to a number of students in meeting their educational goals.

Our primary goal is in developing an educational pipeline to enroll and graduate a diverse undergraduate student body and to encoruage the pursuit of  graduate and professional degrees. Your renewed commitment and collective donations, either financially or by mentoring a student, is needed to help ensure EOP will be available to those students who represent our future.

Please write to us with comments, questions, and suggestions at

We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to join the UCSB-EOP Alumni community on Facebook.