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Welcome to the AdCRC

(pronounced, AAY-DEE-SEE-ARE-SEE)

Did you know that we are all from Africa?

   What in the world does “diasporic” mean?

        What is going on in the Black community at UCSB?

              How do I get involved and support?

The AdCRC welcomes the entire campus
community to our brand new center! We are here to support students, staff, faculty, and community members who cultural identify with the African diaspora AND BEYOND!

You are welcome to attend all of our events and we look forward to meeting you!

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Upcoming Programs

Thanks to all who participated in the Black Family Weekend 2012.

di-eh-‘spOr-iK, adj.
di-AS-pOr-ah, n.
a definition.
Unlike the capitalized term Diaspora, referring to the dispersion of Jews, the term diaspora (pronounced di-eh-‘spOr-ah) refers to people or an ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homeland; in this case, the people of Africa.

Current Events
“Enjoy the Spring Quarter! For those that are graduating this quarter: Be sure to Declare Candidacy for Graduation on GOLD during the first two weeks of the quarter, and to reserve your space for commencement.”  

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