eop assistant director patty in her eop blue polo

Assistant Director



Office: 2nd Floor SRB, EOP Suite

About Me & Fun Facts

Hello! Thanks for visiting the EOP website and learning more about the services we offer. Many students call us their "Home away from home."  I hope you will visit our office and connect with us while at UCSB so we can offer you support.

My name is Patricia Garcia and I serve as an Assistant Director in EOP. Some fun facts about me are that I was born and raised in Chicago with my 5 brothers and I've been a proud Californian for almost 20 year now! I love the sun and outdoor activities!

Hometown: I'm originally from Chicago and Riverside is my California home.

Education: My undergraduate degree is in Sociology and Women's / Gender Studies. I also earned a Master of Science (M.S.) in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Texas A&M University.

Interests & Specialties:
Some of my areas of interest are working with first-gen, income-eligible, and historically underrepresented students. Some of my favorite conversations with students are about financial literacy, persisting to graduation and post grad planning, taking gap year(s), how to have conversations with parents, choosing their own or an alternative path, and how to navigate the university.

Approach to working with students:
Listening to their story and meeting them where they're at on their journey. I celebrate their successes, counsel and advise them on any challenges they may be experiencing and connecting them to resources. I try to help them re-frame, understand the world around them based on their values, and encourage them to find their own path.

Languages: English

Why do you love working at EOP?
Our students! Getting to meet and talk to students about their journey, dreams and goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work in EOP. Our students are so smart, resilient and inspiring!

What I can do for students!
Counsel and advise them on whatever challenges they may be having and connecting them to resources. Helping them re-frame, understand the world around them, and encourage them to find their own path.