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Chicanx/Latinx Cultural Resource Center (CLCRC) - Meet the Staff

Career Staff

My name is Xiomara Lopez and I am originally from South Central, Los Angeles. As a first-generation student and in my previous work with students who are predominantly Chicanx, I have realized challenges that students face but also the strength and resilience that they possess. I received my B.A. from UC Santa Cruz and my Master's in Educational Counseling at USC. My counseling background grants me the knowledge to recognize and address academic and non-academic barriers that affect academic success and retention. My approach to working with a diverse population is to actively listen and empower students to use their experiences as the driving force to achieve their educational goals. The community cultural wealth that students of color possess makes me excited to serve a diverse population at UCSB. The cultural resource center at my undergraduate institution played a fundamental role in my development as a scholar, daughter and member of the Chicanx/Latinx community. We hope that our programs and counseling services will contribute to your success at UCSB.

Student Staff


Micaela Rodriguez-Tovar

I am first-generation born in Mexico, but raised in Fallbrook, CA. My preferred gender pronouns are she, her, hers. I am a fourth year, double majoring in Sociology and Chicana/o Studies. After completing my undergraduate degree, I am interested in for working a non-profit whose mission is to serve marginalized communities through the application of effective programming and support services. Later, I hope to further my education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Equity and Social Justice in Education. As a peer mentor for the CLCRC and El Centro, I hope to empower first-generation students of color by sharing my experience. During time of adversity, it is often difficult to know where or who to turn to when we need support and guidance. Thus, I would like for our centers to be safe spaces where students feel comfortable addressing their concerns and needs. As a fourth year, the best advice I have to offer is to take full advantage of the resources provided by the university and community. In my free time, I enjoy watching the sunset at West Campus and promenading throughout State Street with my friends.


Fabián Pavón

My name is Fabián Pavón. I am from the City of Pomona California in the Los Angeles area. I am a ChicanX Studies major and an American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor. My interests involve spending time with my family and organizing my community. I graduated from Mt.San Antonio College in the year 2016, and I am currently finishing up my senior year here at UC Santa Barbara. While at Mt.SAC, I was involved in various organizations. I became the Co-Chair of the Improving Dreams Equality Access & Success (IDEAS) club. Subsequently, I became the Co-Chair of Movimiento Estudiantil ChicanX de Aztlan (MEChA de Mt.SAC). After that, I joined the A.S. executive board where I was able to successfully change Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day, expand the Gender and Ethnic Studies program as well as create an A.S. degree called the Social Justice degree, secure funding for Mt.SAC’s first ever ChicanX/LatinX heritage week, and organize Mt.SAC’s first student led Social Justice conference called Organizing for Change. Currently, I am a part of United Pomona Valley MEChA (UPVMEChA) Central, which is a collection of MEChA chapters that come together in order to create programs as well as a plan of action for the community.  After I complete my Bachelor’s degree at UCSB, I plan to attend graduate school in order to earn a Master’s degree in Social Justice in Higher Education Administration from the University of La Verne while working at Mt.SAC. I will also establish a non-profit and apply for grants in order to fund all of the community activities and programs I currently organize. After earning my Master’s degree, I plan to take a year off of school before I start a doctorate program in Ethnic Studies. I enjoy talking about history, politics, society, law, racism, activism, education, the hood, Hip-Hop, poetry, and social justice.