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Colección Tloque Nahuaque is located in the Ethnic and Gender Studies Collection (2nd floor). In response to student demands, UC Santa Barbara created its first ethnic studies programs in 1969. The Library’s Chicana/Chicano Studies collection, established in 1971, was a direct result of this movement. As one of several leading collections of its kind, the Colección serves as the university's major source of information on the cultural heritage and history of Chicanas/Chicanos and Mexicans in the United States. The collection is named after Tloque Nahuaque, an Aztec god who took several forms. In his appearance as Quetzalcoatl, he was the patron god of learning and knowledge.

The Chicana/o Studies Department engages students in the interdisciplinary study of Chicana and Chicano history, culture, and politics. Students explore Chicana/o experiences in their most broad, comprehensive sense, informed by several philosophical and theoretical schools, historical and political scholarship, literary and religious traditions, artistic movements, mass media, and video and film. In partnership with affiliated faculty across campus and feminist and Black Studies Ph.D. emphasis programs, the B.A./Honors/M.A./Ph.D. programs in Chicana and Chicano Studies challenge students to link theory with practice, scholarship with teaching, and the academy with the community.